Maternal Strength. Gelbvieh wean the most kg calf per cow put to bull of all the breeds tested in studies. This is a measure of fertility and milk in the cow, combined with vitality, health and growth in her calf

Crooner daughter calved at 22 months. Calf vitality is excellent. Semen available see sale ring page


Gentle Continental

Outwintered heifers to calf at 22-24 months

Spring born Gelbvieh and Balancer (Gelbvieh x Angus) calves


Polled yearling heifer. All the recent Gelbvieh genetic lines are homozygous polled.

Gelbvieh cattle have long been bred for maternal traits, yet retaining muscle and shape

Easy calving is vital for healthy calves and productive cows. Genomic selection is speeding the development of low birth weight easy calving, quick sucking, and then fast growing animals.